Success stories from Soumya Kanti Datta, Digiotouch OU (Estonia)

Your country? Estonia

Your organisation? Digiotouch OU

Your job title? CEO

Your first and last name? Soumya Kanti Datta

Tell us about your successful project (you received funding for): AI is increasingly deployed in the labour market to recruit, train, and engage employees. However, such AI enabled systems face the implicit biases of the models they are based upon. Such bias can be already encoded in the data used for machine learning training, which contains the stereotypes of our society, and thus be reflected inside the models and the decision-making. Despite a strong desire in Europe to ensure equality in employment, most studies of European labour markets have concluded that there is discrimination across many factors. Therefore, addressing how AI used in the labour market either contributes to or can help mitigate this discrimination is of great importance. That is the main concern of the Horizon Europe BIAS project. It will develop reliable and novel tools for BIAS detection and mitigation in AI systems.

What was the added value of your NCP? The Estonian NCP provided prompt responses to queries for understanding the call texts better as well as helping find Estonian stakeholders for co-creation activities.

Did you participate in any IDEALIST activities (First Proposal Check, training, networking event, brokerage event) or used the available tools? 

If yes, which one(s)? Info day, brokerage event, and networking events

Tell us what you would like to share with your peers as inspiration? NCPs have a lot of tips and provide guidance that can lead to small companies being successful in Horizon Europe grants. NCPs can also put you in contact with potential partners from other countries through their networks.

Success story from Soumya Kanti Datta, Estonia

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