Spotlight on national events-GITI 2019, Georgia

GITI 2019 — Georgian Cyber Security and IT Innovation Conference — is an international event held in Tbilisi. The conference explored the ways for the government and the technology companies to work together and leverage the latest technology advances for the good of the public sector. 


The list of topics on the agenda included:

Additionally, QA Project Manager, gave a talk on Artificial Intelligence and Testing Mission-critical Systems in Stock Exchanges, introducing some of Exactpro’s fields of expertise to the conference audience.

It’s important to underline that after the conference authors of the best IT projects have been awarded. This year, 20 projects from the public and private sectors were nominated for 15 awards. In three nominations, the project of Public Service Development Agency (PSDA) has been awarded:


• The most widely applicable e-service,

• The best management of information security,

• The best municipal e-solution. 


The main topics of the conference were cyber security issues, information technologies, IT innovations and sharing the best practices of difference countries.


11th annual cyber security conference was opened on June 4. In keeping with tradition, the event was opened by the Minister of Justice. The current Minister - Tea Tsulukiani, highlighted the importance of new technologies for the country and citizens. As she noted, development of e-governance, functioning the integrated portal – for the citizens, e-declaration and e-auction system, procurement and delivery of public information electronically, could be impossible without development of IT technologies.


It is impossible to develop certain organization or country itself without modern technologies. One of the most important part of the implementation of any reform is the IT sector. The Ministry of Justice of Georgia is actively involved in the development of e-governance. As a result of the work carried by institutions under the Ministry of Justice: the Data Exchange Agency, the National Agency of Public Registry, the Public Service Development Agency and “Smart Logic”, Georgia is a leader country for e-governance development in different international rankings included the World Bank.  


During the conference there were highlighted Public Service Halls and Community Centers that are developed as a result of modern technologies; they are located in big cities and villages of Georgia to deliver public and private sector services for the local population. Georgia has moved up in the registration of property and doing business ranking of the World; Business e-registration is an innovative service.  As the Minister noted, Georgia as a modern country should continue to develop other innovative services and directions based on information technologies where cyber security has crucial importance. 


The head of the Data Exchange Agency underlined the importance of the regional conference and mentioned that development of information technologies is inconceivable without information security.


The 11th international conference organized by the Data Exchange Agency and the “ICT Business Council of Georgia” hosted a large number of guests – the event accepted up to 700 representatives from 10 different countries.


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