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How is AI helping companies to deal with massive admin-workloads?

AI webcafe
AI webcafe

AI4EU is delighted to present the live presentation in the AI4EU Café:

“How is AI helping companies to deal with massive admin-workloads?”

on July 16th 2020, at 3 pm

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The Speakers are:

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Gonzalo Izaguirre.

(Data Scientist for Banking sector at BOSONIT)


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Miguel García.

(Director of Innovation at BOSONIT, Spain




BOSONIT, a data-analytics scale-up born 5 years ago in Spain, is a company with a range of data-based projects in different verticals like banking, insurance, real estate, industry, etc.

Artificial Intelligence is one of the core elements of a myriad of commercial implementations we are actually working on. Within this talk at the AI4EU we would like to provide a real-world use case on how AI is actually helping a bank to deal with the massive amount of documentation in processes related to mortgages products and risk mitigation.

From image recognition algorithms, going to automatic OCR processing and further assessment of paper work related to those processes, we will present the whole business process, what it works well, the pitfalls and future improvements that AI may bring to this sector. We will address issues like the automation of low-added value tasks and the increase of customer insights thanks to applied AI in the banking sector. Thanks to models like mobilenet, neural networks and machine learning in general, some of our clients have been able to automate more than 50% of their daily document processing workload, around 15.000 documents, achieving a precision of 97%, for a wide variety of document types. Clients can now get the response for their attachments in seconds, making the process much more efficient.


Mr Gonzalo Izaguirre. Data Scientist for Banking sector at BOSONIT. BSc in Physics at University of Zaragoza and currently studying a MSc in Artificial Intelligence at UNED. He has an experience of around 3 years in IT innovative projects, working with banking and insurance leading companies. Most of them oriented to help clients with digital transformation. Having worked for Big4s during 2 years, for the last year and a half he has been working at Bosonit as a Data Scientist, involved in the maintenance and improvement of a cognitive platform that processes and extracts information from the documents needed for mortgage granting, automating the workflow.



Mr Miguel García. Director of Innovation at Bosonit. BEng Industrial Organisation and BSci Computing at University of Deusto. He has an experience of over 10 years in R&D projects through a number of H2020 and FP7 projects. He has coordinated four EU projects (FIWARE Finodex, IRSUS, Blockchers and Data Market Services) in the last years. All of them oriented to support startups and entrepreneurs working in the fields of data and blockchain. He has recently joined BOSONIT after working at an innovation consultancy firm, ZABALA, for ten years and previously two years at SAP.


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Carmen Mac Williams is an Organizer and Moderator of the AI4EU Café. She is the Director of the company Grassroots Arts, and partner in the European AI4EU project.


If you have questions about the organisation of this AI4EU Café or if you want to become a Speaker yourself in one of the next Web Café Sessions, please contact her: [email protected]


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Date: 16/07/2020, 15:00 - 16:00

Location: Online

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