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Before contacting us, please check the list below. We've put together the most frequently asked questions so you can find what you're looking for quickly.

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What events are published on your website and how can I publish mine?+
Where do you get your news items from?+
What tools does Ideal-ist have to help me with my proposals?+
How does your partner search system work?+
How do I find information that I need in the Toolbox?+
What is in the 'Basic Information' section of the Toolbox?+
Can I upload information I think would benefit others to the Toolbox?+
What is the Ideal-ist Spotlight?+
How can I contact my National Contact Point (NCP)?+
Are training seminars and webinars organized by Ideal-ist for ICT NCPs also open to proposers?+
Are any of the training seminars and webinars offered by Ideal-ist for ICT NCPs open to core partners?+
Is there a list of ICT National Contact Points (NCPs) for ICT in the Horizon 2020 Programme per country on the Ideal-ist website?+
I want to apply to Horizon 2020. How can Ideal-ist support me?+
How can Ideal-ist help me find a partner?+
Can Ideal-ist help organise face2face brokerage events or Horizon 2020 ICT event for your cPPP or Joint Undertaking?+
Where can I find all the ICT funding opportunities in Horizon 2020?+

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