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The Next Big Thing: Software-Defined Vehicle Development


14th Graz Symposium Virtual Vehicle

September 1-2, 2021, Seifenfabrik/ Graz, Austria           

Software becomes a central role in all industries and forces organizations to adapt their product visions, development approaches and business models. Especially the immense amount of software needed for realizing safe, secure and automated electrified vehicle functions indicates a shift from pure hardware- to software-defined vehicle systems. The resulting complexity is calling for new capabilities in system integration and virtual validation, where collaborative development, digital twin settings or automated test factories turned out to represent key solutions instrumental for coping with the upcoming challenges in vehicle system development, production, and operation.


About the symposium

The GSVF 2021 serves as a platform to discuss recent advances in system integration and virtual validation and its optimal coexistence with physical testing. Industry currently moves away from strictly vertical to broadly horizontal vehicle system development approaches. Collaboration, virtualization, and agile-enriched processes are vital to cope with related complexity, uncertainties, quality, costs and timely delivery, to ultimately accelerate system delivery ensuring global competitiveness and market-shares.

The GSVF 2021 focuses on methods, tools, data, and processes for virtual validation.


- Virtualization to support Digitalization               
- Model-based Systems Engineering & Design               
- Digital Twin perspectives and utilizations               
- Continuous Integration and Test Factories
- Collaborative Engineering and Agile Culture               
- Cloud and Edge Integration and related Architectures
- Challenges of Virtual Validation               
- Data Availability, Data Traceability, Data analytics               
- Machine Learning in Development and Operation
- Considering Emerging Standards (NCAP, scenarios, simulator interfaces, architectures, functional safety, security etc.)    


Date: 01/09/2021 - 02/09/2021

Location: Graz, Austria

More details: here

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