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What do we already know about Horizon Europe?


Horizon Europe is the European Union’s key funding programme for research and innovation with a budget of €95.5 billion for the seven-year period 2021-2027. As to up today information, European Commission plans to publish the work programs in the first week of May 2021, with the first call deadlines to be in September 2021 for cluster “Digital, Industry and Space”. Basic information on missions, European partnerships, key strategic orientations and cluster summaries can be found in the Horizon Europe Strategic Plan 2021-2024. When the work program will be published the calls will appear at Funding and Tender’s portal in the section for Horizon Europe. The list of partnerships for “Digital, Industry and Space” cluster could be found here.

Progress in digital and industrial technologies, including in space, shape all sectors of the economy and society. They transform the way industry develops, produces new products and services, and are central to any sustainable future. Cluster “Digital, Industry and Space” will develop core and pervasive technologies that will be applied and used in many sectors of the economy to address challenges faced by our society in areas such as health, transport, energy, food and agriculture, culture. 



There are six expected impacts for the cluster “Digital, Industry and Space”:

  1. Global leadership in clean & climate-neutral industrial value chains, circular economy and climate-neutral digital systems and infrastructures
  2. Industrial leadership and increased autonomy in key strategic value chains with security of supply in raw materials
  3. Globally attractive, secure and dynamic data-agile economy
  4. Open strategic autonomy in digital technologies and in future emerging enabling technologies
  5. Open strategic autonomy in developing, deploying and using global space-based infrastructures, services, applications and data
  6. A human-centred and ethical development of digital and industrial technologies

Cluster “Digital, Industry and Space” areas of intervention:

  • Manufacturing technologies
  • Advanced materials
  • Next generation internet
  • Circular industries
  • Space, including Earth Observation 
  • Emerging enabling technologies
  • Key digital technologies, including quantum technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence and robotics
  • Advanced computing and Big Data
  • Low-carbon and clean industry
  • Emerging enabling technologies

Published 07.04.2021.